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A Hymnal from the 1640s has been found.  Aside from it already being pretty cool because it lasted this long, an interesting note is that this came from the Massachusetts’ Bay Colony!  It is believed that this hymnal was the first book ever printed in British North America, and eventually the United States.

This truly presents itself as a rather intriguing find.  I find this particularly interesting because of its Puritan heritage.  What this book presents is another insider view into the Puritan Bay Colony.  The book appears to have some notes scribbled within it, and I can only hope that those notes are more insightful than the scribbles I make in my GenEd notebooks.

If you want to see the article about the finding I will put the link below, granted the article focuses on how much the book is worth in monetary value, not necessarily historical worth.

Hymnal Discovery



Christian, Lover of History, Aspiring Teacher

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