Just A Thought On Henry VIII

Hey friends,

Tomorrow I am handing in a paper on King Henry VIII and his third marriage to Jane Seymour.  I have a bit of an abstract to the paper, I hope you enjoy it.

    King Henry VIII’s marital life was largely constructed by his desire for a son.  After his first wife, Katherine, was unable to bare a son, he went through a complex divorce process to marry Queen Anne.  However, with the multiple male stillbirths, Henry’s prospects were not looking good.  As Henry tried to find a resolution, a lady-in-waiting to both Queen Katherine and Queen Anne blossomed as a possible marital solution to Henry’s troubles.  Jane Seymour began to garner the attention of Henry VIII.  After beheading Queen Anne, for alleged unfaithfulness, he married Jane Seymour in hopes to finally obtain a male heir.  However, Queen Jane was also able to reach out to Henry VIII to accomplish some of her own goals.  This symbiotic relationship led to Queen Jane being the only one of Henry’s wives to receive a royal burial.  After marrying King Henry VIII, Queen Jane’s actions, specifically in restoring Mary to the line of succession and provide a male heir, thus providing the reasons why Henry VIII said that he thought Jane was his best wife.

Six wives but only one true love?  Kind of a catchy isn’t it?



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