I’m Not Happy. . . Respect The History Major!

Ok friends,

I’m sitting on my couch in my dorm room doing check outs as residents leave for the summer.  During my downtime I decide that I would read some articles.  Well I came across this article where a professor from the University of Maryland named Peter Morici talks about the President’s plan to forgive student loans.  This is not an article about politics though (I’ll leave that for my politics major friends).  What Dr. Morici argues is that forgiving loans is a bad idea largely because.

Too few college students choose tough majors like nursing, engineering and accounting that enjoy a robust demand for graduates. Instead, many still opt for liberal arts subjects, such as politics and history, and emerge with few practical skills for the working world. . .

What the heck, man?

Respect the major!

This Reckless Historian is ticked off!

Sure we can’t look at a circuit board and know how to fix it, nor are we trained to set a broken arm.  But do you want to know what history majors are trained to do?  THINK!  While we may not know the things I mentioned above, history majors’ ability to think, research, and problem solve clearly give us the ability to learn those techniques.  I’m not going to bash other major’s, because I don’t like it when people bash mine.  I just cannot believe that this man made that comment.  If for some reason Dr. Morici ever reads this post let me refer him to “So What Can You Do With A History Major?” and let him see how much history major’s really can do.

This field requires learning how to think rationally, assess situations, empathize, and solve problems.  We can narrow our focus or broaden it.  We are Renaissance-people.  We are history majors.  And we can get a job done.

Ok I think my blood is beginning to cool off.  Respect the History Major!



Christian, Lover of History, Aspiring Teacher

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