Taking It at Face Value

The amount of information available to us in this day and age is staggering.  A wealth of knowledge is only a few keystrokes away.  Thousands of years of data are literally at our fingertips.  So why do so few people actually use it?

I consider myself pretty familiar with the Internet.  The main service of it has been to circulate information.  For better or for worse, one of the Internet’s first uses was to distribute “The Anarchist’s Cookbook.”  Since then, factual websites, honest writers, and reputable scholarly societies occupy much of the Internet.  Unfortunately, the ability to disseminate so much “good” information is directly coupled with the ability to rapidly spread “bad” information.

Suppose I were to post here that the Target Corporation does not donate to charities for military veterans (Note: I am NOT saying that at all.  This is for the sake of this article only).

You have two options here:

  1. Take that fact and run with it
  2. Check the facts yourself

A quick online search for “target does not support veterans” yields these top three hits:

1. snopes.com: Rumors About Target

2. Fact Check: Target is among top 10 donors to nonprofit groups

3. Target Stores vs. Vietnam Veterans – Urban Legends

That took about one minute to check.  Not too bad for finding the truth.

In closing, I encourage everyone (that includes you, readers!) to err on the side of caution and take a minute to check any somewhat unbelievable or doubtful claim you see, particularly on any social media sites that promote a “Share” feature.  The truth is too valuable to simply take at face value.

Note: The Target Corporation is in no way affiliated with this blog.  I felt that the disclaimer was a must.

~Nick the White

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