“What Does Being A History Major In College Teach You?”

Over at Kevin Sung: The MBA Years, I came across an old article that Kevin wrote.  It’s funny, how his intro reminds me of a post I wrote about a month or so ago.  Here is a part of his post. . .

So what do you learn by being a history major?

The answer: history. But seriously, history isn’t amount memorizing facts. History is about developing a framework for thinking about situations. Once you develop a framework, you can apply it to any historical event and derive an answer. History also trains you in three very specific areas:

1. Summarizing
2. Following trends
3. Entertaining

Let me talk about each of these in more detail below:

Summarizing: As a history major, you read 300-400 pages a week and write a lot of papers. The truth is, nobody actually expects you to read and understand every word on every page. Those who actually attempt to do this will find themselves hopelessly burnt out. The students at the top of the class all learn to skim and summarize the main points. They are able to navigate successfully through complicated issues and turn them into bullet points. History majors are very good at getting to the point.

Keep reading here, to check out this businessman’s belief in the history major.



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