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Hi friends,

In my Teaching History class on Wednesday, we looked at different websites to visit to make sure that we are staying fresh in the field.  As I am beginning to consider going straight to grad school, I have started to become more active in reading thoughts from other historians.  I figured that I would compile a list of which sites I read to get multiple perspectives on the past.

The Way of Improvement Leads Home – Written by one of my professors, I read this blog daily.  It has great links and resources for pursuing history.

American Historical Association – I try to visit this website a couple times a month.  This has a lot of great content on historical thought and the past that I enjoy reading.  It is becoming easier to read for the average reader, and does a great job trying to bring the public to history.

Uncommonplace Book – I am a big fan of Liz Covart.  Her perspectives as a professional historian and her analysis of our transferable skills have prompted me to think more and more about my own philosophy on history.

Medieval Wall – This website is not updated as much, but it has some cool and interesting facts about the Medieval period, that help me fill in the gaps on the deep past.

Journal of the American Revolution – With a budding interest in Early America, I like going on this site to read information about the American Revolution that is usually not printed in textbooks.  They have a fun writing style and interesting interpretations.

The Junto – When I decided that I wanted to get more active in pursuing historical knowledge outside of the classroom, this is one of the first blogs I started reading.  It has great thoughts on Early America, and is written by some great historians.


Christian, Lover of History, Aspiring Teacher

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