John Fea Wants Your Votes

Hey friends,

So for Lent I have given up Twitter and Facebook, hoping to use this time to recenter myself.  That being said, I also get emails from when people tweet me.  It looks like Fea is looking for some support for the Junto’s March Madness, and I think his works are certainly worthy to get a shout out in the bracket.

Here is a bit of what he had to say,

So far The Way of Improvement Leads Home and Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? have been snubbed by The Junto readers.  In a sad attempt at self-promotion, I am hoping that dozens of people will nominate them by 5pm tomorrow (Thursday).  They may get a low seed, but I really think they might be able to pull some early round upsets.  The Way of Improvement Leads Home and Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? could be the Valparaiso, Weber State, Bucknell, Northern Iowa, Austin Peay, Princeton, Coppin State, Hampton, George Mason, Santa Clara, North Carolina State, or Texas Western of this tournament.  Both books are well-coached.  The Way of Improvement Leads Home has a strong post game, while Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? can shoot the three-pointer.  Both books have won some big games on the road over the last few years. 

If you want to read all the details behind nominating, and who Fea nominated, check out his blog post here.  So go on out there and nominate these two works!



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12 comments on “John Fea Wants Your Votes
  1. johnfea says:

    We need to bring the full power of the Way of Improvement Leads Home network of blogs and tweeters to bear on this tournament! I just don’t want to be a first round upset special, I want to be the next Butler! 🙂

  2. Jimmy Dick says:

    Nominate them and I will second them. I only had three nominations I could put into play myself. It was a case of what books I have read and saw first on the shelf. There are several that I wanted to mention, but could not due to the three book limit.

  3. johnfea says:

    Let’s get *The Way of Improvement Leads Home* up there. We have until 5pm.

  4. Jimmy Dick says:

    I got a second in for “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?” I saw Improvement was nominated and seconded as well. Let’s see what the brackets show us. I’m also hoping “Reporting the Revolutionary War” made the field, but I think it is a bigger dark horse than John’s work.

    • Phil says:

      Was America made it as an 11 seed. I noticed that none of Edmund Morgan’s books made the cut — a little disappointing, but it is all in good fun!

      • Jimmy Dick says:

        I printed out last year’s list and have been working on it ever since. I’ve added five books from it along with others that were nominated. Many of those are on this year’s list. Between what I have to read in education, what I teach, and what I am studying for publication I don’t have a lot of time left, but I keep chugging the books into the brain.

  5. As an official member of the #JMM14 Ethics Committee, I must say this looks an awful lot like collusion. Our lawyers will contact your lawyers.

  6. johnfea says:

    Don’t let Hattem intimidate you Phil 🙂

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