Stories My Grandfather Tells

Hi everyone!

This week is Spring Break at school, and although it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring out, I’m still taking full advantage of this break to relax and get ahead on some work I have coming up. Anyway, today I went to visit my grandfather which is always a highlight of breaks for me. He’s done a lot in his life and he loves to tell me stories. Although I’m not ever 100% sure if they’re the truth, I always enjoy hearing them. My grandfather was a soldier during WWII and though he rarely talks about combat during this time, he occasionally will tell me stories because he knows that, as a history major, I truly enjoy hearing them. Today he told me about finding a broken down plane, repairing it, and then flying it around parts of France and scaring sheep until he and his friend crashed into a tree and broke the plane. He also told me about his friend who decided to show off his piloting skills to a local girl and started doing loops with the plane until she threw up and he had to clean up the mess.

My favorite story of the day has to be getting lost in Paris. My grandfather and his platoon were driving to Rouen, where they were stationed for a while, and they decided to drive through Paris. According to him, they were lost in Paris for 9 days, but by the smile on his face, I’d guess that it wasn’t an entirely bad time. They might not have even been lost, just decided that they weren’t ready to get back to the war. He also told me that towards the end of the war, his plane was shot down and he ended up having to stay in France but not fighting for the remaining months of the war because his commanding officer refused to let him return home. While I’m not sure that all of these stories are true, it’s always interesting to see what he remembers or forces into his memory and I’ll always be waiting to hear more stories.

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