“What if a Historian of American Evangelicalism Taught a Course on the History of American Evangelicalism at an Evangelical College and No One Came?”

I read this post on The Way of Improvement Leads Home, after a conversation I had with Dr. Fea.  It is definitely worth a read — not just because I get a shout out at the end.

Here is a portion of the article.

Some of you may recall that I am scheduled to teach a course on thehistory of American evangelicalism in the Fall.  I am very excited about teaching this course.  I made up a flier for the course and had it posted on nearly every bulletin board in the college during registration week.  The flier includes pictures of George Whitefield, Billy Graham, Phyllis Wheatley, Joyce Myers, Joel Osteen, a camp meeting revival, and Billy Sunday.  At least two professors from outside my department have asked to sit in on the class and our college president has offered to come in and talk about some of her research on the rhetoric of the Christian Right.  I even thought I could use the course as a springboard for a possible book.

So needless to say I was disappointed when Messiah College students finished registering for their Fall 2014 classes and only 4 students enrolled in my course.   There is a chance that a few students might add the course over the summer, but there is a also a chance that one or more of the students currently enrolled will drop the course.

I have been thinking a lot about the low enrollment and have come up with a few possible explanations:

Keep reading here.  Fea already has a great conversation in his comment section over on his site, go on over and keep the conversation going!



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