A New Research Project Begins

Hi everyone!

This week I began my initial research for my latest research project which will span the rest of my time at Messiah College. At the end of this past semester, one of my professors approached me with an idea for a research project. His idea was to produce a written history of the pipe organ that was recently placed in Messiah’s High Center for Worship and the Performing Arts. Prior to this week, I would have been able to tell you nothing about organs or about this organ.

I had a meeting this week to learn a little about the history of this organ, and since that meeting, I have been researching how organs work and how they are built. While I have already learned a lot, a great portion of this project is going to be figuring out my thesis. I don’t know enough about this project yet to come up with my thesis, but I will be slowly gathering more information over the course of this summer, from the organ company that refitted the organ for the High Center, and the company that originally built the organ.

Although I don’t know a great deal about this project yet, I thought that this was an excellent opportunity to discuss the course of a research project. While I continue to have meetings and gather information about this organ, I will update all of you on how the project is progressing and what route I plan on taking next. This past week and the several coming weeks will be dedicated to learning how the organ works. While I have gathered the basics, I’d like to become much more confident in this knowledge. I will also be meeting with the organ company that refitted the organ for the High Center. Hopefully these opportunities to gather information will allow for me to have a better grasp on what my eventual thesis will be for this project. I’ll keep you all updated!


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