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Hello friends,

It has been a looooong time since I have been able to post on here.  I am so thankful to finally have some time to sit down and write.  I have had an incredibly busy start to the semester filled with papers, readings, and tests (oh my).

Anywho, these reasons have inspired this latest post.  As most of you wonderful readers know, I am a senior at Messiah College.  I cannot emphasize how influential the history department has been to me while I am working here.

The start of this semester I have been exploring historiography, study the constitutional history of England, and I took my Praxis exam.  Historiography has layed the base in how I am approaching themese and schools of history.  I have explored historicism vs. presentism, which has been an interesting and something I intend to comment more about later.

In my study of the history of constitutional England, I have read through hundreds of pages already and have written several papers.  My professor regularly challenges me to think deeper and more critically.  I find myself making meaningful contributions to this field of study, with a professor who believes that I can do it.

I also took my Praxis II, to become a history teacher.  These sort of experiences lifted above are not unique to students here at Messiah.  The Messiah History Department spends significant time in helping mold scholars.  They force us to think in new ways, and question preconceived notions that we have held from years before.  I have found myself convinced that there needs to be new ways to explore the past for high school students, and I am excited to see what avenues will go forward as I help students fall in love with the study of the past.  Their ways of helping me rethink the past granted me the ability to use reason in new ways which I am thankful for.  I’m still waiting for my official scores to return, but let’s just say my unofficial scores were very good. 🙂  I know that it is because of what the Messiah College History Department has done for me.



Christian, Lover of History, Aspiring Teacher

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One comment on “Study History At Messiah College
  1. johnfea says:

    Good to have you back, Phil. Nice post.

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