I Study History, What Do You Expect?

I was recently talking to my friend about our latest obsession, Pentatonix. For those who don’t know, they’re an incredible a capella group and you can listen to them here, though they’re not the primary point of this post. In our conversation about this group, it became apparent that I knew a great deal of background information on the band that my friend did not. When she asked why I knew so much about them, all I could think was that I do my research. I’m a history major, what do you expect? I quickly realized that whenever I like something or something piques my interest, I have a tendency to look them up or do some digging. Particularly, I like to read about the history of whatever it is I’m interested in.

While this should honestly not surprise me, it did. I never realized how much history has permeated my life. When I’m interested in something, I instantly want to know the context behind it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a musical group or an actor in a movie I’m watching: I instantly want to know their background information. Some might say that this is creepy, but I truly do think that it’s because I study history. Every day I do research. I am constantly writing papers, doing research for a future paper, or, occasionally, doing research for fun (when the time presents itself). It’s gotten to the point where I love research. It’s probably my favorite part of the paper writing process. I love learning about everything and digging through tons of information to find that one thing that will make everything make sense. There really is nothing like it. And now that I’ve been doing research for a while and I’ve gotten to a place where I love it, I find myself wanting to research everything and anything.

Studying history truly makes you want to know everything, despite the fact that this is impossible. It makes you want to learn and read and study, even when it’s not a topic you’re particularly interested in. History’s amazing that way – it makes even the most mundane things fascinating. So, the next time you’re reading an article about your favorite author or musician, remember that history is a really awesome thing. Though, I am biased. I’m a history major, what do you expect?

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