Endings and Beginnings

I’m so happy to continue being Reckless as my time at Messiah comes to a close and to journey with all the readers here as I finish my time as an undergraduate. I have one semester left before I enter the “real world,” and, while this is a stressful time, I am excited for all that the future holds. Between now and graduation, I have a lot of work to do: finish and present my honors project, finish my coursework (including historiography and a very exciting class on walking), finish my work on the Digital Harrisburg team, and apply to graduate schools. This upcoming semester will be a time for wrapping things up and reflecting on my time and work at Messiah. I’ve done a lot in my time at school, and I hope to continue working hard and making an impact over the next five months.

This summer has been my first opportunity to begin wrapping things up. With pipe organs constantly on the brain, I have been continuing my work on my honors project and listening to a lot of organ music. I will be writing a thesis and giving a presentation on my research, so there will likely be many forthcoming posts on this work. In addition to reading for fun (a foreign concept during the school year), practicing my French horn, and watching a lot of Criminal Minds, I have been hard at work for the Digital Harrisburg team. Thus far this summer, I have completed entering the 1910 Harrisburg Census and I am about two weeks away from finishing the 1920 Harrisburg Census. I have been working on this project for a year and a half now, and I am very ready to pass the torch in the coming semester.

While the end of my time at Messiah is fast-approaching and I have a lot of work to do, I am thrilled about the beginning of new things for my life, especially graduate school. I have been privileged to receive a top-notch education and preparation for the future. The courses I have taken at Messiah have given me factual knowledge and skills that will help me as I move forward. I’m eager to be able to put the knowledge I’ve acquired to good use as I graduate and move on to new beginnings.

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