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Reflecting on Why Study History? Chapter 3

Hi friends, I finally got around to continuing to read Why Study History?, and finished chapter 3.  John Fea dives right into the process of historical thinking.  Since my Historical Methods course, I have been fascinated with the way that historians think,

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Teaching Empathy 3

For the record, I never intended on making this “Teaching Empathy” a series.  I’ve just been finding that the more I am teaching, the more “empathy moments” I come across. Today I was teaching about women’s’ rights and the passing

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Trying To Teach Empathy

Well it looks like Nick and I both want to talk about a similar topic today. For those of you who don’t know, I am studying not only to be a historian, but to also teach.  This year I am

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I’m Not Happy. . . Respect The History Major!

Ok friends, I’m sitting on my couch in my dorm room doing check outs as residents leave for the summer.  During my downtime I decide that I would read some articles.  Well I came across this article where a professor

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